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Website Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

Service provided

The service collects browser cookies from users visiting the website. This provides users with relevant information based on their needs and the type of information they are looking for. The information is provided to users via banners on Google Display Network. You can opt out of the service by clearing your browser’s cookies. You can also configure the type of advertising displayed on the Google Ads Settings page.

Collection of personal data

We do not collect information about users (such as name, email address, IP address, company name) unless the user knowingly and intentionally submits such data themselves. This information is used to provide better communication services to users, without passing the details on to third parties and authorities. Users’ personal data will only be used to provide information and to reach visitors with products and processes that are associated with and their partners.

Use of personal data

Users’ personal data will only be used for products and processes related to the Service. User data is only collected and disclosed in cases relating to an unlawful violation and only to the relevant public officials or authorities. The Company will not share user information with advertisers. Other information about the user is only disclosed with the user’s express consent or at the request of the relevant public authorities, with a court order or a search warrant granted by a public prosecutor. Other communications and offers may be made with the consent of the user and within the limits of their privacy as defined by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

Changes to the Privacy Policy may change its privacy policy at any time by giving advance notice on its website. Users are advised to consult the privacy policy regularly.

Spam Policy

We guarantee to our customers who use the service that their email addresses will not be used to send spam email. In addition, users who have provided their details will not receive emails from

  • with invalid or false email subject headers;
  • with invalid or non-existent domain names;
  • that include other misleading means of targeting;
  • containing misleading or false information in the subject line;
  • providing misleading or false content in the body of the email;
  • breaching the terms and conditions of service.
What are cookies?

This is common practice on almost all commercial websites. This website also uses cookies which are small files that are downloaded to your computer to improve your experience on our website. This page describes what information they collect, how we use it and why we sometimes need to store these cookies. We will also tell you how you can prevent these cookies from storing information about you but doing so may compromise or “break” certain features of the website.

For more information on cookies, see the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies.

How we use cookies

We use cookies for various reasons. Please note that in most cases, there are no default options for disabling cookies without completely disabling the functions associated with them. We recommend that you allow all cookies if you are not sure whether you need them or not.

Disable cookies

You can disable cookies by changing your browser settings (see your browser’s guide on how to do this). Please note that disabling cookies will affect the functionality of this and most other websites you visit. Disabling cookies will also generally disable certain features of this website. We therefore recommend that you allow all cookies.

Cookies created by us

To help us deliver a great experience on this website, we store your preferences about the look and feel of this website and what it does when you use it. In order to remember your preferences, we need to use cookies so that this information can be accessed when you are browsing this page.

Third-party cookies

In some special cases, we also use cookies provided by trusted third parties. This section provides information about third-party cookies that you may encounter when using this website. This website uses Google Analytics, which is one of the most common and trusted analytics tools available online and helps us understand how you use the website and how we can improve your experience. These cookies can track things like the amount of time you spend on the website and the pages you visit so that we can keep creating engaging content.

For more information on Google Analytics Cookies, see the official Google Analytics page.

Where there is a cookie that you are unsure whether you need or not, it is generally a better idea to allow it, as cookies interact with the features you use on our website.

List of cookies we use

Cookie nameCookie purposeCookie durationData used
_gaMonitoring website traffic data2 yearAnonymous statistics
_gatMonitoring website traffic data1 minuteAnonymous statistics
_gidMonitoring website traffic data1 dayAnonymous statistics
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